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Privacy Policy


FreeNEZ is created for the benefit of its members and will always endeavor to listen and protect its members.

FreeNEZ objective is to create communities that can benefit from various services offered by us. FreeNEZ provides an opportunity to its members to make money through referral commissions and a platform for members to market their expertise and products. We would like to share with you that in order to achieve these objectives, we need to collect some information to establish your profile. By using FreeNEZ, you consent to our use of your data under this Privacy Policy.

FreeNEZ is an interactive site to develop communities and sell products and services to the world. Free Classifieds and premium features are offered at a nominal fee, which is shared by members. People use its services to find and be found in order to avail of many of the opportunities for mutual benefit. Our Privacy Policy applies to any Member or Visitor to the covered Services. Our registered users (Members) share their professional identities, engage with their network, exchange knowledge and professional insights, post and view relevant content, learn and find business and career opportunities. Content on some of our services is available to non-members (Visitors).

1. Your information

1.1 Registration
To create an account you provide to us your name, email address, password and referred by username. Next you create your brief FreeNEZ profile. The information in your Profile is used by FreeNEZ to provide an enriching experience. It helps to provide members with matched content such as classified ads, relevant community programs, trending topics, expert matches and professional networking. Most of the information on your profile is optional, such as your education, work experience, skills and expertise, photo and location. However, a complete profile helps provide you with matches and full services offered. Some of the required information is mandatory in order to establish your unique identity.

We do not require members to include sensitive data (e.g., race, ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of a trade union, physical or mental health, sexual life or criminal record) in their FreeNEZ profile. If you choose to post any such data, it is visible to others like the rest of the profile information you provide on your profile. Please do not post or add personal data to your profile that you would not want to be publicly available. You give other data to us, such as by syncing your address book or calendar. However, we do not store your contacts when you invite them to join Freenez.

1.2 Information From Others
Others may post or write about you or your content. Content and News You and others may post content that includes information about you on our Services (as part of blog posts, feed updates and comments, videos). We make it available to public as part of our Services.

1.3 Messages
If you communicate through our Services, we learn about that. We collect information about you and your contacts, when you send, receive, or engage with messages in connection with our Services. For example, if you send a FreeNEZ connection request, we may receive auto replies from your contacts.

1.4 Classifieds
We get data when you post ads on FreeNEZ about your products/services. We match your ad with prospective buyers using plugins, or cookies.

1.5 Other
If we collect materially different personal data or materially change how we use your data, we will notify you and may also modify this Privacy Policy.

2. How We Use Your Data

We use your data to provide, support, and personalize our Services. How we use your personal data will depend on which Services you use, how you use those Services. We use the data that we have about you to provide, support, personalize and make our Services (including ads) more relevant and useful to you and others.

2.1 Services
Our Services help you connect with others, find and be found for work and business opportunities, stay informed, get training and be more productive. We use your data to authenticate you and authorize access to our Services. Stay Connected Our Services allow you to stay in touch, in communication and up to date with colleagues, partners, clients, and other professional contacts in your area. To do so, you will connect with the professionals who you choose, and who also wish to connect with you. When you connect, you will be able to search each others connections in order to exchange professional opportunities. We will use data about you (such as profiles you have viewed or data provided through address book uploads or partner integrations) to suggest connections for you and others (e.g. Members who share your contacts) and enable you to invite others to become a Member and connect with you. You can also opt to allow us to use your precise location or proximity to others to suggest other Members in your area for you to connect with. It is your choice whether to invite someone to our Services, send a connection request, or allow another Member to become your connection. When you invite someone to connect with you, your invitation will include your name, photo, network and contact information. We will send invitation reminders to the person you invited. You can choose whether or not to share your own list of connections with your connections.
Stay Informed Our Services allow you to stay informed about news, events and ideas regarding professional topics you care about, and from professionals you respect. Our Services also allow you to improve your professional skills, or learn new ones. We use the information about you to recommend relevant content across our Services, suggest skills you may have to add to your profile and skills that you might need to pursue your next opportunity. We use your content, activity and other data, including your name and picture, to provide notices to your network and others.

2.2 Premium Services
Our premium Services allow paying users to earn referral commissions. Your username data creates a FreeNEZ custom website that lists your profile for anyone to view it. The data also allows you to create your own website with information about you that you want it to be viewed in the public domain. Your data is also used for our plugin software to inform you on top priority basis if an ad has appeared that you may have shown interest in. The data also allows you to be able to interact with fellow members in your community or profession.

2.3 Communications
We contact you and enable communications between members. For example if you show an interest in a certain ad in our Classifieds, you can communicate directly with that person via email or mobile number. We will contact you through email, notices posted on our websites or apps, messages to your inbox, and other ways through our Services, including text messages and push notifications. We will send you messages about the availability of our Services, security, or other service-related issues. We also send messages about how to use the Services, network updates, reminders, job suggestions and promotional messages from us. You can opt out of email notifications at any time. We also enable communications between you and others through our Services, including for example professions, groups and messages between connections.

2.4 Advertising
We serve you tailored ads both on our Classifieds section. The ads will carry a Premium member flag if its offered by our Premium members. Info to Advertisers
We do not share your personal data with any third-party advertisers or (other than hashed or device identifiers, to the extent they are personal data in some countries) ad networks for their advertising without your separate permission. However, if you click on an ad, the ad poster will know you visited the page that you clicked on. Also, advertising partners can associate personal data collected by the advertiser directly from you with our cookies and similar technologies. In such instances, we seek to contractually require such advertisers to obtain your explicit, opt-in consent before doing so.

2.5 Marketing
We promote our Services to you and others. We use data and content about Members for invitations and communications promoting membership and network growth, engagement and our Services.

2.6 Aggregate Insights
We use data to generate aggregate insights. We use your information to produce aggregate insights that do not identify you. For example we may use your data to generate statistics about our users, their profession or industry, the number of ad impressions served or clicked on, or the demographic distribution of visitors to a site.

3. How We Share Information

3.1 Our Services
Any information you include on your profile and any content you post or social action (e.g. likes, follows, comments, shares) you take on our Services will be seen by others.

3.2 Profile
Your profile is fully visible to all Members and customers of our Services. Our Services allow viewing and sharing information including through posts, likes and comments.
- When you share a post (e.g., an update, video or blog), the default is to share it publicly. Others who are not your connections will be able to find (including through search engines) and see your post.
- When you like, comment on or share anothers post, others will see it, including the person who initiated the post.
- In a group, posts are visible to others in the group. Your membership in groups is public.
- Any information you share through companies or other organizations pages on our Services will be viewable by it and others who visit those pages.
- When you follow a person or organization, you are visible to others and that page owner as a follower. We provide aggregate insights about the followers and viewers to the respective page owners.